The global growth of Cyber Crime

A small business in Christchurch, New Zealand, is just the latest victim of a growing area of crime – the ‘cyber inside job’. While many organisations recognise the risk from outside attacks such as hacking and fraud, few are as well aware of the risks that arise from cyber sabotage or cyber blackmail. Cyber sabotage This crime results from a member of staff being disciplined or sacked, or sometimes simply passed over for a promotion or bonus. People have been known to wipe the data from a whole organisation, damage computers or attempt unauthorised computer access remotely to damage the Continue reading



child welfare

Private Detectives and Child Welfare

Who is my ex dating and how do they treat my children? Increasingly we see that our trained private detectives are being hired to investigate child welfare and assist families who are involved in child custody cases. It can be stressful to think about the fact that your ex-partner is in a new relationship and your children are being cared for by somebody you don’t know whose background is a mystery to you. Our investigatory teams have developed special skills that allow them to explore the history of new people in your ex’s life and provide you with a complete Continue reading



Cybercrime and Cheating Partners

In December 2016 Yahoo revealed that hackers stole data from more than 1 billion user accounts back in August 2013. It’s one of the biggest data breaches in the history of cybercrime and it follows on a similar announcement that in 2014, data from 500 million accounts was stolen. Even the worst mathematician can add that up and discover that more than 1.5 billion yahoo-based emails have been hacked in the past three years. What went missing? Names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth. Yahoo says that credit card details and bank account information were not taken, Continue reading



corporate criminal responsibility interview panel

Corporate criminal responsibility – how private detectives can help

There’s been an increasing focus on company bosses, from Sir Philip Green’s knighthood being questioned to The Director of the Serious Fraud Office, David Green CB QC, calling for corporate criminal responsibility and a new corporate offence of ‘failing to prevent economic crime’ in 2014. As a result, many companies are calling for more support in assessing whether they may be liable for any corporate misdemeanours undertaken by employees. There’s a real concern on two levels: Due diligence – employers are increasingly concerned to ensure their staff have the qualifications they claim, and even to be sure that they are Continue reading



Fraud, cyber-fraud and the private detective

We all know about fraud these days. From Nigerian scammers to those bogus calls from the police claiming that fraudsters are hacking into our bank accounts, most of us are aware that our savings and our actual identities are at risk. Knowing how to protect ourselves against cyber-fraud is something else entirely. Protection against fraud Business is the biggest target for cyber fraud, although most of the stories we hear about are the tales of individual loss. Why? Because no business wants to admit it’s been scammed and because insurance companies often require businesses to remain silent about losses. But Continue reading Murder in the Hamptons

Private Detectives Quash Convictions

Several recent cases have shown that private detectives quash convictions: David Bryant conviction quashed with help of private detectives Five years after being found guilty of sexual assault David Bryant was freed from jail when his wife, Lynn, hired a private investigator and put together a new legal team to prove that his accuser, Daniel Day, was a chronic liar whose story simply couldn’t be true. Attempts to overturn the conviction were made on three distinct fronts: Revealing that police evidence was inaccurate: historical research and interview of those working at the fire station where Mr Day claimed he had Continue reading




Private investigators in international cases

Very few of a private detective’s cases actually involve working across international borders – which is why very few PI agencies have the kind of experience that allows them to conduct an effective investigation transnationally. This issue is about to become even more important with the Brexit vote, because as international police and crime information sharing structures are dismantled, it will be vital that private detectives are able to call upon their personal networks to enable cooperation across national boundaries. Flight MH17 private detective report An interesting example is the case of the German private detective who has been looking Continue reading




Private Detectives in the news worldwide

The Osbourne’s marriage and private investigators It’s astonishing to the professional private investigators at Private how often a private detective ends up in the news, often related to stories about celebrities. This month is no exception – once again it’s cheating partners that are making headlines.Sharon Osbourne has been working with a private detective to keep tabs on her straying husband Ozzy Osbourne – apparently this time he’s been spending quality time with a much younger woman who’s a celebrity hairdresser. Whether or not this will end the marriage is anybody’s guess. Like most private enquiry agents we don’t Continue reading




Infidelity and cheating – the role of private detectives around the world

China’s bigamy & adultery consultants In China, private detectives are illegal, because in 1993 the Ministry of Public Security issued a ban prohibiting any form of investigation conduct by private organisations or individuals. At the same time, China’s divorce rate has been growing exponentially and extramarital affairs are cited in 73% of marriage breakdowns. So how do the cheaters get caught? First and foremost, Chinese courts view infidelity seriously and as a result, a wronged partner can do well in the divorce proceedings if they can prove their husband or wife has been unfaithful. This means that ‘marriage consultants’ – Continue reading



junior detectives in New York

Private Detectives Around the World – How Investigators Help Communities

Junior Detective Agency act for Neighbours. In New York we’ve found the cutest Detective Agency ever!  Gore & Gore Junior Detective Agency have already closed three cases which is pretty impressive, given that their two founders are Jack, aged ten and Phoebe, aged seven! The Gore kids are very much the kind of private investigators we approve of – they’re dedicated to helping the public and very much on the ball when it comes to detection. Their first case resulted when they found a missing dog tag and contacted the neighbour whose dog was lacking his collar I.D. When the Continue reading