Don’t Believe the Hype

One of the news highlights for me in 2012 was the spectacular trial of Jason Simpson in which he was found guilty of the hideous double murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman – a crime for which his father OJ Simpson had previously been wrongly blamed. If you don’t remember the trial, it’s probably because it didn’t happen.Yet, in the early months of last year, esteemed Dallas-based private investigator William Dear released the second of two books in which he revealed the results of his own investigations into the case. OJ is Innocent and I Can Prove it: The Continue reading



Matrimonial Investigations and Domestic Enquiries

With infidelity and divorce now established as norms in our society, many people find themselves in need of matrimonial investigations. Marriage related problems can appear out of nowhere and at any time. Based on your suspicions, we can conduct matrimonial investigations and provide the evidence you need for divorce if necessary. Facing the truth can be difficult, but matrimonial investigations can end your uncertainties and help you to move on with your life. We can discretely investigate your matrimonial issue Living in fear, doubt and uncertainty can be a stressful and upsetting time. It is the ‘not knowing’ that can Continue reading



Covert Surveillance Specialists

If you need covert surveillance for any reason, we can provide teams of highly trained specialists anywhere in the UK or internationally. Our covert surveillance specialists are extremely discrete and know the importance of keeping all of our clients’ information confidential. With our experienced agents working alongside the latest generation of detectives, we have the unique benefits of mixing traditional techniques that are tried and tested with the latest technologies available. You can rest assured that every member of our team is familiar with all our methods and equipment, and that they will provide the utmost levels of service whatever Continue reading



Tracing Witnesses

The private investigators in our agency are trained and experienced when it comes to tracing witnesses. There can be many reasons that a witness becomes difficult to find. Court cases can deal with situations from long in the past, and a required witness may now be a missing person, a lost friend or relative, or they could wish to avoid being found as they do not want to partake in the case. With as much information as you can supply, we can begin tracing witnesses using the different legal and technological available. Our witness tracing services can be used by Continue reading



Private Detective London

Private Detective London offers a full range of investigation services across London and the UK. prides itself on being a truly national agency.  It began life as a Manchester-based agency founded by Peter Taylor, an operative with more than 40 years experience as a private detective. London offices opened soon afterwards, acting as a convenient base for operations in the South and we are now able to offer a complete Private Detective London service across greater London and beyond, including: ·         Matrimonial investigation ·         Missing persons ·         Cheating partners ·         Tracing relatives ·         Surveillance ·         Debtor tracing ·         Continue reading



Chinese Parents Hire Investigators to Keep an Eye on Children

Babysitting isn’t usually one of the services offered by private investigators. Unless you live in China – where a growing number of concerned parents are turning to private investigators to keep an eye on their unruly offspring when they fly the nest to attend university, according to an article in South China Morning Post. The story highlights the case of a university undergraduate whose parents feared he had started experimenting with drugs after mixing with the wrong crowd. After following the boy for a week, a private investigator was able to lay his parents’ fears to rest, confirming he had Continue reading



TV Detective Hired in Giraffe Case

A private detective has been enlisted to look into the death of two giraffes at a Polish zoo. The female giraffes died from stress-related illnesses following  a break in at Lodz Zoo, in which vandals hurled benches and bins into their enclosure, according to the BBC. One giraffe died of a heart attack just hours after the incident whilst the other succumbed to stress a few days later. The giraffes’ male companion survived and is said to be doing well, although zoo keepers are now seeking a companion for the rare Rothschild sub-species. Krzysztof Rutkowsi has now been hired by Continue reading