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Private investigator versus private investigator? A week of private detectives in the news

This week  is shaking its collective head over some of the stories in the international media about private detectives in the news. First, David Lannon of Drogheda, Ireland, is accusing a government department of handing over his personal information to a private investigator. So who is Mr Lannon, a diplomat, a businessman, a celebrity or a politician? Well, actually, he’s an unemployed construction worker. So why would a private detective working for the Allied Irish Bank have gone to the Department of Social Protection to obtain his private files? That’s not clear. In his claim, Mr Lannon say that Continue reading



Sherlock, Manchester Private Detectives and the difference between fiction and reality

So the smash hit Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch is back on the air, and the world has fallen in love with private detectives again. Even the World Service has got in on the act with a discussion of private detectives around the world – but the reality of life as a private investigator is both more down-to-earth and sometimes considerably more dangerous, than a TV series might suggest. For example, a Manila-based private investigator, Ken Gamble, has allegedly been the subject of a hit contract! The person supposedly hiring the assassin is none other Peter Foster, the former associate of Continue reading




Private Detectives in 2016: cold case files and cheaters

Cold case files around the world The strange and disturbing story of the shooting of British businessman Saad al-Hilli and his family in 2012 has taken an odd turn. As the result of work by a French private detective, a Belgian man has been named as a suspect in the cold case. French investigative processes are not like British ones, so being named a suspect doesn’t necessarily mean the police believe this man is the killer, but it’s certainly a strong development. The person in question, Michel Hecht, was jailed in 2008 for attempting to kill members of his own Continue reading



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Private Detective Stories of London’s Darkest Side

Private Detective London Murder and Mystery One of the truisms of city life is that rich and poor rub shoulders, as do good and bad. This month we’ve got a range of stories that reveal the deep, dark nature of city life and the many complex ways that private detectives must navigate the intricacies of city investigations. We’ll begin with the story of Daniel Morgan, a sad tale that has become almost mythical in the annals of London private detectives.  In 1987 Daniel was working as an experienced private detective, and it is rumoured that he was about to reveal Continue reading



Private detectives in the news – November’s top private detective agency stories

Who wants to be a private detective? Apparently our daily work as private detectives is the second most popular job in the UK. When JK Rowling published her latest novel Career of Evil, her publishers commissioned a survey of a thousand people and their second most popular ideal career turned out to be Private Detective! The only job that ranked above private investigator was footballer – which suggests to us that they survey was largely of men! It’s an interesting revelation though, because it shows how important the role of private investigation has become in the lives of people today. Continue reading



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Everybody Needs to Hire a Private Eye from Time to Time!

This week we’ve been pondering a new release that is also a golden oldie.  In a leafy part of Boston, not usually known for its criminal fraternity, is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. And in 1990 the museum was burgled. So far, so good. But … Law enforcement officials have just (as in last week) released some video footage that was part of the surveillance technology of the museum at the time and it shows somebody entering the museum around 1am the day before the robbery. Just 24 hours later, one of the museum’s two watchmen was to give two Continue reading



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Debt Recovery

In a recent new story, it’s been headlines that Middlesbrough council spent £17,000 on private investigators in an attempt to recover debt. Well, when I say headlines I mean the Northern Echo!  Even so, it’s a reasonable amount of council cash and its right that people should ask questions, so here are some further facts: The £17,000 covers the period from 2010, in other words, around £3,500 a year It was spent on 56 investigations, or around £300 per case wasn’t involved in any of this! In other words, we have no axe to grind. But we do know Continue reading



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Who needs a private detective

Who needs a private detective? A big part of any private detectives work is confidentiality. We just don’t talk about who we’re working for or what we’re doing for them, not even in the office, not unless the person we’re talking to is part of the same enquiry team. That means that people outside the world of the private detective rarely have a complete picture of what we do, or why we do it. Sometimes stories in the media reveal the reality of our work and right now there’s an interesting case where the client has gone public. Neil Tregarthen Continue reading



Private Detectives and public safety

People have a lot of odd ideas about private detectives. To be honest, the ones about the gorgeous blonde clients, the bottle of whisky in the desk drawer and so on … we rather like those odd ideas and don’t do much to dispel them! Another odd idea people have is that 99% of our work is for individuals. In fact our work divides pretty equally into thirds. One third missing persons, matrimonial issues and other personal cases, one third corporate clients concerned about fraud or pilferage or conducting due diligence and one third ‘other stuff’. So what’s ‘other stuff’? Continue reading



Valentine’s Day at a Private Detective Agency

Valentine’s Day at a Private Detective Agency Lots of people find our daily routine fascinating – TV shows and crime novels suggest that we spend all our time drinking in dives, exchanging wise-cracks with beautiful blondes or breaking down doors to find dead bodies … nothing could be further from the truth, most of the time, but the one time of year that some of that is very slightly true, is in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Private investigators don’t wander around in trench coats keeping an eye on dodgy characters, but at this time of year a fair Continue reading