Private Investigation and major disasters: missing flight Air Asia QZ8501

Now that Indonesian officials have confirmed that the bodies and debris found floating in the Java Sea are from the missing Air Asia flight QZ8501, grieving relatives, concerned organisations and institutions that manage public safety all require answers. But will there be answers for those who having missing family members? Search teams will still seek for the passengers and crew, so that those with family and friends on the flight can find closure. But with any major disaster there are bigger questions that may never be fully answered by the standard routes. 162 people went down with the flight, and Continue reading



Marriage detective industry grows in India, should you follow suit before you say ‘I do?’

Most people marry for one reason. Putting it simply, they’ve found the love of their life. When you agree to marry somebody this is your soul-mate, it’s the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you should be blissfully happy and live a joyous life together. That’s the theory anyway. The reality can be somewhat different if the person you wed turns out to be a ‘bad un’ and you find out later they have a hidden past and your ‘dream team’ isn’t quite as cosy as you thought it was. Take a leaf out Continue reading



Could your smartphone be spying on you?

We all use them, after reading this blog though you might want to take extra care with smartphone security You’d have had to have been a hermit, living in a cave, in a remote setting, on a desolated planet not to have heard about the launch of the iPhone 6. As always, mention ‘Apple Updates’ and people are thrown into a state of frenzy, they camp outside their nearest mobile phone shop and will gladly sell their grandmother, their soul and the family dog to be one of the first people to lay claim to owning the latest all-singing, all-dancing Continue reading



The hunt for Antonio Pedro De Alves

Portuguese national Antonio Pedro De Alves on the run for more than a year We regularly check the press for industry-related articles at One headline feature from the Birmingham Mail caught our eye recently. This tragic story relates to a schoolgirl rape dating back to December 2011, quite shockingly the attacker was caught, bailed and hasn’t been seen on UK soil since. Worryingly, this was a classic case of internet grooming. The young victim (unnamed due to legal reasons) was systematically groomed by Portuguese national Antonio Pedro De Alves for months, they met through social network website Bebo where De Continue reading



Private Investigator Daniel Morgan, the 27-year mystery

The mystery of Daniel Morgan – could this investigation be drenched in corruption? What has the murder of a private investigator in 1987 got to do with the murder of 18-year-old Stephen Lawrence in 1993?  Both cases involve poor policing, botched investigations and questionable lines of enquiry, however, new and rather chilling evidence is pointing the finger of suspicion at police corruption. Could the same officers involved in the original Daniel Morgan enquiry be responsible for sabotaging the Stephen Lawrence case as well? The Daily Mail seems to think so, it launched its own special investigation into both cases and the Continue reading



Opens, new Private Detective London Office, located in central London has given its Private Detective London service a boost with the announcement that it has opened a new office in the heart of the city. The new office will serve as a meeting point for clients, who will now be able to prearrange meetings in this central location to discuss their matters with a detective, whether they may be concerning cheating partners, dishonest employees, or fraudsters. has long held a presence in London, and has operated out of locations across Greater London and the south east of England, including Brighton. However this new office will satisfy the ever Continue reading



Cardiff jihadists bear their convictions to the world

With the recent video by the radical islamic group ISIS the fear over terrorism has never been greater in the UK. The implication is that impressionable young men and women could be convinced into committing terrorist acts at the behest of the group. It has been reported that a British jihadist has claimed the UK should be in fear of the skills he’s picked up after fighting in Syria. Twenty year old Nasser Muthana is believed to have posted images of improvised bombs from his Twitter account. There is a warning plastered next to the bombs that reads “So the Continue reading



Cannabis and Colorado

There are two sets of policies regarding drug legalization in Colorado. The first is Recreational drugs and the second is Medical drugs. The Colorado Amendment 64 allows 21 years or above aged adults to grow 6 or less cannabis plants privately. The law states that this has to be a locked space and they should not have more than half mature flowering plants. The plants need not be moved from where they are growing. While travelling, you can legally possess one ounce or less of the said drug. As far as gifting this drug to people is concerned, you cannot Continue reading



Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance measures

In today’s age, all companies heavily rely on the internet to share and pass information. A lot of this content is highly sensitive and of critical importance to the company. The protection of this information is key for its security in order to ensure it is passed on, only to those people who are authorized to view it. Counter surveillance refers to measures put in place to prevent or detect unwanted intrusion, be it in the form of a competitor, criminal or media. This can take the form of utilizing electronic measures, such as electronic bug detection/sweeping, counter surveillance software to Continue reading



Madeleine McCann Mystery

British detectives are poised to begin staging operations on Portuguese soil as they investigate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Madeleine McCann, who was then nearly four, disappeared from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal’s Algarve on May 3 2007, as her parents dined at a nearby tapas restaurant with friends. Last week, Portugal’s attorney general’s office acknowledged they had formally received a letter of request from the British authorities for assistance in their enquiries. It was reported that the request concerned assistance to arrest three suspects who were carrying out burglaries at the Ocean Club complex in Praia Continue reading