Chinese Parents Hire Investigators to Keep an Eye on Children

Babysitting isn’t usually one of the services offered by private investigators.

Unless you live in China – where a growing number of concerned parents are turning to private investigators to keep an eye on their unruly offspring when they fly the nest to attend university, according to an article in South China Morning Post.

The story highlights the case of a university undergraduate whose parents feared he had started experimenting with drugs after mixing with the wrong crowd.

After following the boy for a week, a private investigator was able to lay his parents’ fears to rest, confirming he had been up to nothing more suspicious than a little late-night music making.Detective on the case Kar Liu told the newspaper: “Every day they didn’t do anything other than band practice or going to the beach.Nothing bad.”

A second investigator reveals how the parents of a PhD student feared she was being duped into spending huge amounts of money – only to realise she had been investing the cash in stocks and shares. Favourite tactics of investigators apparently include electronic surveillance and infiltrating social circles to find out what their clients’ loved-ones are up to. And it doesn’t stop there. Detectives have also been asked to monitor nannies bringing children from the mainland to Hong Kong for schooling.

Liu said: “These kids, with no parents in Hong Kong, rely on nannies to bring them to school, so parents either ask us to monitor the nannies, or ask for devices to put in the kids’ school bags to locate them.”

“We would only film from afar or follow the nanny van in our own van. The parents just want to be reassured the kids are in safe hands.