Counter Surveillance

Our private detectives use state-of-the-art Counter Surveillance and bugging equipment every day

When it comes to finding hidden cameras, audio recorders, GPS trackers and telephone taps they know exactly where to look.

High quality surveillance equipment is now more readily available than ever, but contrary to what many adverts would have you believe, not even the most expensive and sophisticated of surveillance equipment is completely undetectable.

Our Counter Surveillance operations have discovered covert spying and bugging equipment at work in cases ranging from industrial espionage to marital disputes. If you suspect you are being monitored, watched, listened to, or tracked, a Counter Surveillance operation from Private Detective will find out about it, before going on to uncover who is behind the spying.

How Private Detective works for Criminal Defence Investigation

We tailor our services to each individual case, so if you’re pleading guilty to a part of the charges, but are innocent of others, we will work on developing sufficient evidence to support your plea. Our private detectives possess a full understanding of the legal procedures surrounding the collection, preparation and presentation of evidence for a criminal defence investigation.

We have the skills to gather the necessary evidence efficiently, discreetly, and quickly using the latest technology and search methods. With a wealth of resources at our disposal, we can help your case by finding potential witnesses and uncovering new evidence to build a strong criminal defence investigation case.

It is our promise that your case will be dealt with, with the highest degree of confidentiality and with unrivalled expertise.

If you have been wrongfully accused of a crime or had a false accusation made against you then contact us today!