Cybercrime and Cheating Partners

In December 2016 Yahoo revealed that hackers stole data from more than 1 billion user accounts back in August 2013. It’s one of the biggest data breaches in the history of cybercrime and it follows on a similar announcement that in 2014, data from 500 million accounts was stolen. Even the worst mathematician can add that up and discover that more than 1.5 billion yahoo-based emails have been hacked in the past three years.

What went missing? Names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth. Yahoo says that credit card details and bank account information were not taken, but many cyber experts believe the company is not equipped to tell if this data went missing or not. It’s certainly a fact that Yahoo has either been incompetent in identifying hacks or negligent in failing to inform customers.

Cyber crime is becoming commonplace and our private investigators are increasingly asked to look at many cases where savings have gone missing, or business systems have been hacked. Sometimes the business hacks are inside jobs and we’re expert in finding those individuals in your organisation who are taking your data and damaging your organisation in the process.

Infidelity investigated

One private investigator has been revealing that cheaters don’t just cheat on their partners – he’s actually been asked to accept a bribe to lie about the results of lie detector tests.

His experience fits perfectly with our own (except for the lie detector tests – we’re not sure where that comes from as these are not admissible in UK law and a privately administered lie detector test is pretty worthless). Probably a third of our work involves checking up on partners and spouses who might be cheating – and many of them are. What’s even more surprising is that these individuals who cheat and lie are very keen to try and get a private investigator to help them cover up their behaviour either by bribing them to lie, or quite commonly, by threatening the investigator!

Fortunately our experienced private detectives are well used to discovering the truth about potential cheaters. It’s very common to find that people use work conferences and other trips to indulge in cheating behaviour and in such cases our investigators are trained to blend into public places and obtain the evidence required. We also have the ability to track and record their behaviour without being observed ourselves and our professional operatives ensure that where there is evidence of misbehaviour, or clients are given support to help them understand their situation and make decisions that will help them recover from the betrayal they have experienced.