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GPS Tracking Service

Using a covert GPS tracking device to track the movements of vehicles is a cost effective method of surveillance, especially over longer periods

Far reaching in scope, Private Detective’s GPS tracking technology is reshaping the landscape by protecting our clients and their businesses across the United Kingdom.

Headquartered in Manchester, Private Detectives GPS Tracking provides its clients reliable and effective, cutting-edge GPS trackers and platforms to keep a vigilant watch over their assets. Our comprehensive family of cost-effective tracking solutions utilizes some of the most advanced GPS tracking technologies available to keep you in touch, without interruption.

Benefits of GPS Tracking in operations:

  • Recovering lost assets (Cell-phones, vehicles, machinery)
  • Finding exact location of assets in use
  • Cost-cutting
  • Enhances safety
  • Improved Customer service
  • Settling Domestic, marital and matrimonial issues
  • Verifying home or work addresses
  • Full surveillance for case preparation

Covert GPS asset tracking can be deployed in any size vehicle, from heavy goods lorries to bicycles and can also be installed in electronic equipment such as laptops and mobile phone.

At Private Detective’s GPS Tracking unit we continue to invest in talented people and develop new technology to make our customers lives easier. So if you need to introduce GPS Tracking in your business for any reason, trust our GPS Tracking systems to have your back and provide you with a robust and first-class service.

To find out more about GPS tracking visit our contact page!

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