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At we know how difficult it can be to hire a private detective. There’s a stigma about admitting that you need the help of a private investigator, and also the concern that your hiring a private detective could be found out by just the person you’d rather not have know about your fears.

We have more than forty years experience with the problems that require a private detective’s input and we fully understand how problematic it is to have such a need. That’s why our experienced liaison personnel stand by to answer your calls and respond to your emails. From the very first contact, right the way through your case, until we reach a successful conclusion, we guarantee to keep in touch with you in a professional, discreet fashion so that your mind is at rest about progress.

If you are concerned that the subject of your concern might be using covert surveillance on you, if you are the victim of stalking or harassment, or if you have any doubt about the security of your phones and/or computers, we suggest you open a new email account with one of the major providers and use that to complete our contact form. This guarantees that you’ll have complete peace of mind and that we can communicate with you freely.

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