Private Detectives Around the World – How Investigators Help Communities

junior detectives in New York

Junior Detective Agency act for Neighbours.

In New York we’ve found the cutest Detective Agency ever!  Gore & Gore Junior Detective Agency have already closed three cases which is pretty impressive, given that their two founders are Jack, aged ten and Phoebe, aged seven!

The Gore kids are very much the kind of private investigators we approve of – they’re dedicated to helping the public and very much on the ball when it comes to detection. Their first case resulted when they found a missing dog tag and contacted the neighbour whose dog was lacking his collar I.D. When the neighbour met them after a phone call to say they’d found the tag, the young investigators handed it over – along with a brochure for their detective agency!  The next case was a real mystery. The two detectives found an envelope containing over $800 in their apartment building and put up a poster asking the owner to come forward, stating how much money they had lost, what they had been carrying it in and the route they had taken on the day. When a nanny working in a nearby apartment came forward and could answer their questions, she was reunited with her pay packet.

They have learned their skills from Nancy Drew novels and Jack also watches ‘Law & Order’ although Phoebe is too young for that particular show, her mother has decided. They also know how to dust for fingerprints using powder and a paintbrush and interrogate suspects during interviews. They charge $6 per case and hope they will be able to pick up pocket money hunting down lost possessions and straying dogs!

Punjabi Private Detectives Act for Government

In Punjab a massive political row has erupted over the role of a private detective agency. This is an unusual outcome – while private investigators like often work with governmental bodies and non-governmental agencies, it’s rare for this work to enter the public eye. However, the issue in Punjab is a tense on – the government passed a law that said a ‘decoy’ patient could be paid a fee to secure evidence of medical personnel illegally determining the sex of a foetus. This matters because there is a concern that many girl babies are being aborted simply because of their sex, and this may be done without the consent of the mother, or with the mother being pressured to agree if other family members want a boy child.

The government tried using volunteers but many of them ‘turned hostile’ during the trail process, often it is felt because they came under pressure to withdraw their testimony. As a result, a private detective agency has been offered a contract to provide volunteer decoys. There is, however, criticism from academics and civil society organisations that outsourcing the project will cause corruption and may also cause trials to collapse.

It’s not unusual for private detectives to pose as certain kinds of people to establish evidence, but the line between that and soliciting to commit a crime is a fine one and the investigating agency needs to have expertise in obtaining admissible evidence for such activities to bear fruit. A very common action is for a private detective to seek out a confidence trickster and set him or her up by playing along until the police can step in and arrest the criminal.