Peter Taylor – Private Investigator

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have a man like Peter Taylor at the head of our team. Having established the company single-handedly over forty years ago, Peter Taylor has been involved in every twist and turn the industry has taken in recent times. There is unlikely to be a more experienced agent than Peter Taylor operating in the UK today. This is something that we are not only very proud of, but also something that helps our company to run successfully and maintain our consistently high levels of service.

Peter Taylor is a past governing council officer to the Association of British Investigators. This fact, alongside the exemplary service he has provided to thousands of clients, has earned him a deserved reputation as a trustworthy and knowledgeable agent. This reputation stretches across the UK’s law firms, solicitors, police force, and many types of private client. Peter has also served in many international areas, and will go anywhere for a client. This desire to be of service to clients at any time and in any place has been instilled in our company ethos, and as we evolve and grow, this ethos only grows stronger.

Although still a constant presence and important influence at, Peter Taylor has passed a great deal of the investigative duties on to our next generation of private detectives. With his experience and knowledge, each and every one of our agents has been taught to value the same ethics and morality and to strive for success in the way Peter Taylor always has.

The industry has changed massively in the decades that Peter Taylor has been a private detective. Recent technology and the age of communication have made many of the original investigation techniques and methods take a back seat in the eyes of many private detectives. Whilst we have rolled with these changes, and adapted to make the best possible use of all the tools out there today, we also feel that it is important to not let the traditional methods die out. As Peter Taylor tells us regularly, these methods are what the industry was built on; they are what made it successful to begin with.

These methods still have value. For us, the key element of private investigation is the privacy. This is easier to maintain when using traditional methods, that promote face-to-face interaction, alongside use of modern technology. We know how important innovations in technology are for our industry, but nothing is more crucial to us than the personal relationships that a good private investigation company engenders.

Peter Taylor has established these values as part of our company philosophy. As he takes a back seat as we expand, the company will keep this philosophy going. Peter Taylor has put his signature to the company logo. We will run the company in the way that signature deserves.