Pilots’ Cheating Partners

A recent case led us to think about a particular client base that we may be able to assist on a more regular basis. This client, who has asked us to provide this post so that we may be of assistance to his colleagues in the future, was going through a difficult time because of suspicions over his partner’s actions. As a pilot, this client was spending a great deal of time away from home, and beginning to suspect that he may be the victim of a cheating partner. While he travelled the world with work, often being away for weeks at a time, he could have no idea what his suspected cheating partner was up to.

A pilot is the perfect companion for a cheating partner. With the long haul flights, and the days, weeks, and sometimes even months, away from home – a cheating partner will be in their element. How much easier is it for a cheating partner in this situation, than one whose partner is always at home? Pilots are in a particularly vulnerable position if they become involved with a cheating partner, as the case we are about to discuss proves. While they are working hard around the world, they can have no way of determining the actions of a cheating partner.

In the case of our recent client, suspicions were aroused when he decided to surprise his wife, not informing her of his flight’s cancellation, only to find she was lying to him about her whereabouts. He began to feel sure that he was the victim of a cheating partner when she struggled to explain where she had been. However, during his short period at home he began to feel reassured and his suspicions lessened. After returning to work, though, nagging doubts remained – he could not get rid of the thought that his wife may be a cheating partner. Following a few more miscommunications, he decided he needed to do something to determine the truth.

When the client contacted us we were reminded of a similar case we dealt with years ago. In both instances we used simple traditional investigation methods to track and record the actions of the cheating partner. Unfortunately, in both these instances, the suspicions were proved correct and the cheating partner was caught. This was a good result for us, as we provided what the client required. However, in the case of a cheating partner, these things are never that simple. The victims are in for a very difficult time. We have offered unrivalled support to this latest client, doing our best to help as he deals with the after effects of a cheating partner.

He told us that many of his colleagues have been through similar situations, or at least been the victims of the same suspicions. Pilots are particularly at risk of cheating partners, and may be more in need of our help that many others. Our client wanted us to offer help to any of his colleagues that may require it. Falling prey to a cheating partner can be a difficult thing to deal with. It can also be very difficult to prove. For a pilot, that it is even more of an issue. Although the pilots we have helped so far have both found the results of their case distressing, they have also both been pleased to know the truth. Uncertainty can be the hardest thing when involved with a cheating partner. Know the truth. Today.