Private Detectives and Child Welfare

child welfare

Who is my ex dating and how do they treat my children?

Increasingly we see that our trained private detectives are being hired to investigate child welfare and assist families who are involved in child custody cases.

It can be stressful to think about the fact that your ex-partner is in a new relationship and your children are being cared for by somebody you don’t know whose background is a mystery to you. Our investigatory teams have developed special skills that allow them to explore the history of new people in your ex’s life and provide you with a complete background check that has been undertake with the utmost discretion. Of course we can’t guarantee to put your mind at ease – that will depend on what emerges during the investigation, but our private detectives can then guide you as to whether you need to take any kind of action to safeguard your children if troubling information comes to light.

Celebrity relationships and private investigators

We all know that the Kardashians seem to thrive in the limelight and maybe even seek it out, but even they aren’t immune to the effects of relationship break-ups.

The latest story from the Kardashian camp concerns the relationship between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. This on-off affair is now back in the news because it’s claimed that the couple are still a couple, although they’ve been living apart since December 2016.

Quite how that works is anybody’s guess. While they made an announcement stating that ‘if they were going to make the relationship work’ they’d need to find ways to  ‘to compromise to each others needs’ what actually seems to have happened is that Rob Kardashian’s sisters Kim, Courtney and Khloe are convinced that Blac Chyna is having an affair with another man and that they can get the evidence to prove it by hiring a private detective.

The whole idea seems like a bit of a media manipulation to us at – first and foremost, if the Kardashian sisters really have hired a private detective to follow their brother’s partner around, they’d be very unlikely to spread that news around as it would make the private investigator’s job much more difficult. Secondly, while cheating on a partner is never nice, it probably doesn’t require a team of private detectives to help the Kardashians discover if Blac Chyna is really playing away from home, because the media and paparazzi in particular are likely to ensure everything that happens where there’s a Kardashian gets the full spectrum of public attention.

We’ve certainly undertaken a large number of cases where we’ve checked out the behaviour of a partner who’s actions or moods have changed, and we’d never advocate going public with the information that you’ve hired a private detective in such instances.