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The Osbourne’s marriage and private investigators

It’s astonishing to the professional private investigators at Private how often a private detective ends up in the news, often related to stories about celebrities. This month is no exception – once again it’s cheating partners that are making headlines.Sharon Osbourne has been working with a private detective to keep tabs on her straying husband Ozzy Osbourne – apparently this time he’s been spending quality time with a much younger woman who’s a celebrity hairdresser.

Whether or not this will end the marriage is anybody’s guess. Like most private enquiry agents we don’t have an opinion on what our clients do with the information we provide to them, unless they want our professional input on their circumstances. It’s often the case that a client wants to be sure of the facts, but doesn’t necessarily want to divorce or separate, and that’s entirely their business.

Celebrities and police back private investigation into mystery death

Crime writer Ian Rankin, who authored the Rebus series, and actor Alex Norton from the Taggert drama are both involved in the creation of a private enquiry into the death of Willie McRae in 1985.

Former police detectives are amongst the team being recruited to look into circumstances surrounding the death of the former Scottish National Party vice-chairman who was found shot to death in his car on a remote road in the Scottish highlands.

At the time the Crown Office declared the death to be suicide but there have been many questions asked about the circumstances of McRae’s death, including a claim from a retired police officer who claims that McRae was under surveillance at the time of his death. The enquiry is crowdfunded and has tracked down several witnesses, one of whom says he was at the scene and has never been interviewed by the police.

Questions about the case include how the gun was found such a distance from the car and why it had apparently been fired twice whilst only one bullet was found in McRae’s skull.

Such cases are never easy to resolve, particularly when a passage of time has led to confused memories and where public debate may have influenced the way people view, or even remember, what happened. However, a stringent process of private investigation has been proven, time and again, to reveal hidden information or uncover assumptions that can uncover the facts about even a high profile historical event.