Private Detectives Offer Hope for Disgraced Surgeon

Private detectives in Romania could be about to offer new hope to a surgeon accused of malpractice.

Traian Romeo Ursu from Foisor Hospital in Bucharest was sentenced to a year in prison in 2005 and ordered to pay 500,000 Euros to a patient who claimed he could no longer walk after a hernia operation.

The orthopaedist, who has always maintained his innocence, could be about to clear his name after private detectives obtained footage of the patient walking unaided around Bucharest city centre.

The footage, obtained by private detectives as part of a criminal defence investigation, has been sent to the Prosecutor’s Office who will now look into re-opening the case.

Dr Ursu said he would instruct his insurance company to begin recovering 110,000 Euros already paid to the patient.

The claim stemmed from an operation carried out in 2005 when the doctor accidentally sectioned a blood vessel whilst removing a double hernia.

However, Ursu said the patient should have recovered given proper medical treatment and his request for a new medical assessment to be carried out was denied on the grounds that the patient had already suffered enough trauma.

Without the footage, the doctor had been convicted after being unable to convince courts that the patient was less affected than he claimed.

The case highlights the dilemma faced by those struggling to prove their innocence in a court of law. Often, finding the missing evidence can be a matter of a simple criminal evidence investigation, carried out by experienced private detectives skilled at gathering the details that police and solicitors so often can’t.

Dr Ursu has already spent a year behind bars, losing his reputation and his livelihood along the way. Hopefully, this new footage obtained by private detectives will be the first step on the road to clearing his name.