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Hiring the right Private Investigator

Choosing a private investigator can be difficult. Getting the right results from a detective agency depends on working with a private investigator you can trust, who’s experienced, efficient and keeps in touch with clients. One of the things that we hope for, in every new situation, is that we’ll be able to reassure your worries, resolve your problems and close your case to your complete satisfaction. A first class private investigator will have your interests at the heart of their work, at every point in the process.

What to look for in a private investigator

It’s sad but true that we’re required to make difficult decisions at the time of greatest stress and emotional pressure such as during a marriage break up or when we realise that our business is being damaged by the actions of a colleague or employee. Few of us ever expected to be in the position of needing to have a friend, family member, colleague or employee investigated, so knowing what questions to ask, and what criteria to use, can help you decide exactly which private investigator is right for you.

This is crucial information, because entrusting your relationship, your future, your career or your business to an unprofessional or inadequate private investigator will simply make things more difficult and cost you money to no purpose.

Private Investigators at Peter Taylors

4 key points to check when hiring a good private investigator:

  1. Detective Skills
    There are many ways that a private investigator can learn their skills: police training, military service or Home Office experience – all these give a private investigator a great background. So ask how your investigator learned their craft, it will help you separate the truly skilled private detectives from those who just like the idea of being an investigator.
  2. Background Support
    Whatever TV shows suggest about lone detectives doing all the legwork themselves, most detective agencies rely on a team of competent, dedicated researchers who can put their fingers on the right information. Solo private investigators lack this background support that allows swifter resolution of cases and better information for clients.
  3. Communication Skills
    Whether you’re experiencing difficulties that lead to a matrimonial investigation or undertaking a criminal defence and seeking top class evidence-gathering to support your case, you need a private investigator who can communicate clearly and effectively. Be sure you’re getting a dedicated service and that you’re confident your investigator will get back to you regularly and keep you in the picture about progress.
  4. Continuing professional development
    The world of private investigation moves rapidly. New technology has changed the nature of detection. Tracing missing relatives, for example, has become very different since the arrival of the internet, but still requires a background in traditional research skills. A good detective agency ensures that its team balance classic investigative techniques with mastery of the latest technology and surveillance techniques.

Next Steps in Hiring a Private Investigator

Once you’re satisfied that your chosen Private Investigator has all four crucial areas of expertise, you can relax, confident that they will treat your case with seriousness and care, using tact, superlative investigation skills and the latest technology to bring you a swift and successful result. Why not contact us to find out why we believe our team is best placed to help you:


Private Investigator Services

Private Detective

Private Detective was established in 1970 and offers more than 40 years experience offering private investigator and detective services in the UK.

Manchester Office:  0161-667-3357
Birmingham Office: 0121-227-4344
London Office: 0203-475-2222


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