Private Investigators Help Organisations save Millions

Private investigators are helping councils and businesses make massive savings.

Caerphilly Council in Wales recently revealed it had saved millions of pounds with the help of private detectives investigating bogus compensation claims and tracing debtors.

The Council said it had saved around £6 million over the past three years by employing private investigators to uncover false claims which cost millions each year.

Other councils saved money by employing private investigators to recover overdue tax and investigate benefit fraud.

Private investigators can also be effective in helping businesses in the same way – by tracing debtors and helping organisations take the first steps towards recovering finances that could otherwise be written off.

In today’s harsh economic climate, many detective agencies are experiencing a huge increase in demand for this type of work as more and more businesses and organisations like Caerphilly Council recognise the sound economic value of tracing debtors and recovering debt.

Peter Taylor and Associates is one such agency. With more than 40 years experience in offering bespoke debtor tracing services, they have helped businesses and organisations save millions of pounds by tracking down debtors.

Tracing people who owe money is nothing new for most private detectives, but Peter Taylor and Associates offer a bespoke package designed around the specific needs of the client. For many businesses, this includes choosing Peter Taylor and Associates to the debts of all sizes once the debtor has been tracked down.

During more than 40 years dealing with such cases the Manchester-based detective agency has helped trace and recover debts of all sizes for large multinational companies, smaller independent businesses and in the public sector.

In each of these cases, acting quickly is the key to tracing and recovering debt successfully, says agency founder Peter Taylor: “Bad debt is money that businesses can ill afford to lose, especially in today’s tough economic climate. Fortunately, we have years of experience using fast, effective and ethical methods to track down debtors and recover debt.

“Importantly, it takes away all of the time, expense and hassle usually associated with chasing debts, allowing companies to stay in control of their finances and concentrate on what’s really important – the day to day running of the business.

“Our debt tracing and recovery service is proven to be effective, but each passing day makes it potentially more difficult for businesses to recover money that is rightfully theirs. Bad debt can cause all sorts of cash flow problems and in addition, it’s money that isn’t being put to work effectively in the business.”

As well as offering a bespoke international debtor tracing service, the Peter Taylor and Associates are able to find lost or missing persons from all walks of life and have more than 40 years experience reuniting long lost friends and relatives. The agency also offers a complete range of corporate investigation services including surveillance, counter surveillance due diligence and more.