Private investigators in international cases


Very few of a private detective’s cases actually involve working across international borders – which is why very few PI agencies have the kind of experience that allows them to conduct an effective investigation transnationally. This issue is about to become even more important with the Brexit vote, because as international police and crime information sharing structures are dismantled, it will be vital that private detectives are able to call upon their personal networks to enable cooperation across national boundaries.

Flight MH17 private detective report

An interesting example is the case of the German private detective who has been looking into the tragedy of Flight MH17. The investigator in question has been hired by an unknown client to find out what happened to the The Malaysia Airlines plane which crashed in Ukraine in July 2015, killing all 298 people on board. It’s suspected that it was shot down by a surface-to-air missile from eastern Ukraine, but no conclusive evidence has been found, as yet. Now the private investigator, whose files were raided by German police a few weeks ago after he said that a whistleblower had come forward to claim a £30 million reward for information on the truth about Flight MH17. It’s all still completely mysterious – the investigator says he’s signed a non-disclosure agreement which prevents him saying who the whistleblower is or what they revealed. However he claims that his unknown client has got the information they wanted so his job is over. But he doesn’t know if anything will ever be made public – so the world is no closer to knowing the truth.

Indian banks hire private detectives

There has been huge defaulting on loans such as those made to Kingfisher Airlines and there’s more and more evidence that there are many cases of Non-Performing Assets in the Indian economy. As a result, Indian banks are hiring private detectives to conduct undercover operations seeking out the defaulters who have often fraudulently taken out loans against fake assets.

The reason for private detective engagement is that banks wish to establish the whereabouts of the defaulters and their assets and income streams before taking action and that is a very common scenario in which has vast experience in helping UK clients find debtors and defaulters. Our private detective agency conducts hundreds of such cases every year, so that the victims of crime can obtain not only justice but also some, if not all, of their lost assets.

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