Debtor Tracing services by Private Detective

Debtor Tracing

Debtor Tracing by offers comprehensive national and international Services to help businesses trace and recover debts of any size.

Our bespoke packages can also include debt recovery and debt collection, depending on your business requirements.

Private Detective‘s team of experienced private investigators can alleviate the time, effort and money usually associated with tracing debtors and debt recovery – easing cash flow and putting missing finance back to work in your business. With more than 40 years experience tracing debts, they’ve seen every trick in the book used by bad debtors to avoid making payment. Our investigators can pry behind name changes and fake business names to track down debt anywhere in the world.

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Debtor Tracing, Recovery and Debt Collection

Debtor tracing has been a staple of our work during the 40 years we’ve been established. Where our work differs from that of most other detective agencies is our debt collection and recovery services to help recover funds once the debtor has been tracked down. has worked with businesses of all sizes to trace and recover debts of any amount. Increasingly, businesses are finding that our debtor tracing and debt recovery services make sound financial sense. We’re confident that our tracing services can help recover even the most elusive debts.

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