tracing relatives

Tracing Relatives

Tracing Relatives – a private detective’s key skill set

As the UK Missing Persons Bureau states, “there is a difference between a missing person and a lost contact case and police forces do not deal with the latter. There are a number of reasons why people lose touch with each other… however if there is no indication of vulnerability or concern then this will be considered a lost contact case and police will not become involved.”

For those who have lost touch with a relative or friend, and simply don’t know where to start the process of finding them again, our Tracing Relatives service is a perfect solution. In more than four decades we have honed our private investigator services to ensure that we are best placed to help our clients track down relatives and friends despite the apparent impossibility of reconnecting.


Swift, sensitive, thorough enquiries into lost relatives and missing persons


It doesn’t matter whether it’s time or geographical distance that separates you – our private detectives are experienced in the most modern techniques of missing person investigation as well as having more than forty years of traditional skills to support the necessary research to reunite those who are missing a loved one or dear friend. At we treat these enquiries with the care and attention they deserve, and ensure that we make the swiftest possible progress to resolve a painful situation. All our enquiries are conducted in line with the Data Protection Act and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office because we are fully committed to protecting the interests of our clients. In addition to these high external standards, we have access to powerful databases that, in combination with our highly developed skills and experience, reduce the time taken to undertake these sensitive investigations.


International private detective enquiries to trace relatives


Tracing family and friends has become increasingly necessary in a globalised world. Astonishingly, a girl who went missing in the 2004 tsunami was reunited with her family seven years later and while that kind of natural disaster is rare in the UK, we all know that man-made and natural catastrophes can happen anywhere, and that losing touch can be as dramatic as a tidal wave or as simple as moving house and losing the forward address.


Regardless of the reason you want to restore contact, our private detective Manchester head office is fully equipped to help you, by creating a dedicated team that will conduct the necessary investigations. We can undertake international searches as easily as we can enquire into local missing persons and we have the skills and resources to deliver comprehensive investigations with speed and tact.


How to begin the process of rediscovering your missing relatives


Why not contact us today and let us set you on the path to reuniting with your lost loved ones? Simply call whichever one of our three regional private detective offices is closest to you, or use our international number. Either way, we’re ready and waiting to launch the search for the relatives and friends you’d love to reconnect with.

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