Tracing Witnesses

The private investigators in our agency are trained and experienced when it comes to tracing witnesses. There can be many reasons that a witness becomes difficult to find. Court cases can deal with situations from long in the past, and a required witness may now be a missing person, a lost friend or relative, or they could wish to avoid being found as they do not want to partake in the case. With as much information as you can supply, we can begin tracing witnesses using the different legal and technological available. Our witness tracing services can be used by individual clients, solicitors, debt collectors, banks, insurance companies, the police, businesses, legal services, and process servers.

All our methods for tracing witnesses are completely legal and ethical, but they can require some creativity on occasions. We use a variety of techniques, employing traditional methods alongside new technology to ensure that we offer levels of service that cannot be matched. We follow any leads in a covert and discrete manner, allowing us to trace witnesses without bringing any attention to them. All of the information we receive will be presented to you in a manner that will serve you best going forward. If the witness needs to be served with papers, we are also licensed to complete this service.

A missing witness can be the factor that causes unsatisfactory results in your case. Don’t let this happen. Tracing witnesses is among our specialities. Use us today.