Valentine’s Day at a Private Detective Agency

Valentines Day at a Private Detective Agency

Lots of people find our daily routine fascinating – TV shows and crime novels suggest that we spend all our time drinking in dives, exchanging wise-cracks with beautiful blondes or breaking down doors to find dead bodies … nothing could be further from the truth, most of the time, but the one time of year that some of that is very slightly true, is in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

Private investigators don’t wander around in trench coats keeping an eye on dodgy characters, but at this time of year a fair proportion of our private detective work is based around the fear that a partner is straying. Rather than pulling on a seedy mac, we use skilled and discreet surveillance operatives and instead of throwing back doubles in dubious drinking dens, we employ state-of-the-art GPS Tracking and other techniques developed for tracing people to find out the truth for our clients.

Are your fears about your straying partner justified?


Let’s begin with the question about your doubts and fears. More often than not, unfortunately, a client’s instinct that there is a problem is borne out by the facts of the investigation. It doesn’t always mean their partner has found a new love interest – we’ve discovered a range of reasons for people to lie and conceal their behaviours from problems with drugs, alcohol and gambling through to health conditions and even people having lost their jobs and taken on different ones and not wanting to let their partner know! But whatever the reason, it’s always better to know what’s going on – sometimes people need help to overcome a problem they’ve been hiding, and careful, accurate and sensitive private investigators help their clients discover reality so that they can make good decisions about their futures.

How a Private Detective discovers if your partner is cheating


Here are some of the key indicators there may be a problem:

  1. Your partner has a sudden trip come up over, or just after, Valentine’s Day – cheating partners often celebrate with their new romantic interest straight after they’ve spent time with you
  2. Changes in sexual behaviour – a marked increase in sexual appetite or a sudden cessation of sex in a couple’s relationship can often mean there is an affair going on
  3. Altered routines – changing the time they leave home or arrive home from work, going shopping at weekends and spending hours away from home to return with one or two items? These are signs that somebody is grabbing a few hours to spend with somebody else
  4. Social media use – if your partner is suddenly always on their phone or computer, and hides what they are doing when you catch them, they are very likely to be conducting a relationship behind your back.

We being by taking a careful case history from our clients and assigning a specialist advisor to communicate with the client on a regular basis.

Once we have all the background information, we create a team to conduct the investigation as swiftly and sensitively as possible. Our key commitment is to ensure our clients get the information they need without their partner having any idea they’ve been investigated – matrimonial investigations depend on complete confidentiality and sensitive investigation and we guarantee to get the job done without anybody realising we’re on the case.

Working with Private Investigation clients to find the truth

We report back to our clients regularly and with discretion so that they have absolute faith they’ll get the facts. We also support our clients as they make whatever decisions are necessary to ensure their future is safe, secure and gives them peace of mind.