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Headed by Peter Taylor, one of Britains longest serving private detectives

Private Detective Expertise

Expertise in detection comes from experience – and at PrivateDetective.co.uk we have unrivaled expertise. Our Principal, Peter Taylor, has spent more than 40 YEARS bringing cases to successful conclusions. His team of private detectives are hand-picked to provide a balance of skills and expertise that will deliver the speediest and most effective results.

Whether you’re trying to resolve a family situation by tracing relatives or somebody you love is facing prosecution and needs effective criminal defence investigation, our expert detectives have the ability to help.

Private Detective London

At Private Detective London office we offer over five decades of experience ranging from police procedures, to military investigations, to Home Office enquiries. We have...

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Private Detective Brmingham

Our experienced Private Detective Birmingham team offers a friendly, confidential and professional investigation service throughout Birmingham and the surrounding area...

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Private Detective Manchester

Our private detective Manchester office is one of the premier Detective Agencies in the UK. It’s much more than simply a satellite to our main London Detective office, it’s also...

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Private detectives act for their clients, just as lawyers or doctors do. As is stated in the Ministry of Justice Criminal Cases Review Commission Annual Report for 2012/2013, ‘Miscarriages [of justice] occur because lawyers make often quite basic mistakes.’ Everybody makes mistakes as some time or other, and a private detective’s task is investigate the mistake and rectify it, or to spot a mistake before it’s made, and prevent it.

So whether you hire us to conduct corporate investigations to discover if your business is being defrauded, or need to find out whether your life-partner is cheating via a sensitive matrimonial investigation, we operate in the same way. Based on our values of integrity, professionalism, and sensitivity, we act for our clientele: solving their difficulties, preventing costly problems and delivering solutions in difficult circumstances. We commit to being tactful and supportive, but when it comes to investigation, we’re ruthless and demanding – we keep going until we’ve got the facts for our clients.


Knowing you need help is the first step.

Finding an effective, confidential and professional private detective to help you is the second.

Trust us to help you find the right way out of your difficulties.

From our offices in major UK cities, we can help find the right solution for you. Whether you are looking for private detectives in London, private detectives in Manchester, private detectives in Birmingham or wherever you are in the UK – call us today to talk about moving from problem to solution, with our expert assistance.

Peter Taylor Detectives investigated a deal I was close to getting involved in. Investigating my potential partner, they found evidence of criminality, helping me to avoid a deal that could have cost me my company. They were professional and efficient throughout.

Company Executive, Kuala Lumpur