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Privatedetective.co.uk is one of the longest-established Private Detective agencies in the UK.

Founded in Manchester in 1962 by legendary Private Detective Peter Taylor. The detective company provides a comprehensive range of investigation services throughout the UK and internationally.

Every one of the Private Detectives in the global network we work with undergoes a series of stringent checks and we pride ourselves on our ethical approach to detection, using only legally tried-and-tested methods to get results. The detective company has years of experience which means all of our private investigators are acquainted with traditional and modern methods of detection. We believe each job is unique, but no case is unsolvable! That’s why we provide each and every client with a dedicated detective, or team of detectives to work on every investigation, as well as a personal adviser to keep clients informed of the latest developments.

Our services are reliable, discreet, professional, results-driven and widespread.

Private Detective Services:

To have your case investigated by some of the top professional private detectives at work in the UK today, visit our contact page today!

We are now also available on Skype. Contact us for further details.

Private Detective London

At Private Detective London office we offer over five decades of experience ranging from police procedures, to military investigations, to Home Office enquiries. We have...

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Private Detective Brmingham

Our experienced Private Detective Birmingham team offers a friendly, confidential and professional investigation service throughout Birmingham and the surrounding area...

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Private Detective Manchester

Our private detective Manchester office is one of the premier Detective Agencies in the UK. It’s much more than simply a satellite to our main London Detective office, it’s also...

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