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How to chose the right private detective

We know it’s difficult to accept that there may be a problem in your life – whether it’s a business matter, a family member acting oddly or even the disappearance of a relative or friend. Even more difficult is finding the right private detective to help you discover the truth. Our team of highly-trained private investigators generally have backgrounds in either the military or police service and often possess specific skills such as surveillance training, social media expertise or the ability conduct a forensic examination of company finances. It’s not the same worldwide though.

In India, Rajani Pandit, who is known as India’s Sherlock, is the foremost Indian private detective, as well as it’s first female one. But she didn’t consciously choose to become a private detective. In college she realised a friend was behaving oddly and ‘snooped’ to find out what was wrong. Discovering the truth she informed the girl’s parents who stepped in to help. Perhaps it’s great that somebody can fall into the job in this way, but in India where private detectives are unlicensed, may people prefer to bring in an overseas private detective agency as they know that this may both offer greater expertise and prevent the ‘hassling’ of the private investigators by local police who often view private investigation as a threat to their own position.

How to interview a private detective

Interviewing the private detectives you’re planning to hire is also vitally important. Once you accept that there’s a need to take action, it can be tempting to immediately dive into working with the first people you come across, especially if they suggest they can get immediate and easy results. But there’s no evidence to suggest that quick commitments lead to quick results – in fact, the reverse is true. Many of the online advertisers who shout the loudest have the least experience and the poorest results – which is probably why they have banner headlines and try to pressure clients into signing rapid contracts.

Finding a reputable private detective

Reputable detective agencies like PrivateDetective.co.uk have long and strong track records that they are happy to share – and while it’s important that your chosen private investigators maintain total confidentiality for their former clients, it’s also vital that you hear their experiences of cases similar to yours, the resources required and the results obtained so you can begin to have confidence in their abilities and will be able to relax while waiting for them to do their work.

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