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Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

No business wants to hire corporate investigators – but those who don’t often regret their decision.

Modern businesses face a range of threats and opportunities … but which is which?

Global trade requires international resources. Our Corporate Investigations Unit, based in our Private Detective Manchester office, has been providing investigative services to businesses since 1962.

The need for corporate investigation has never been greater. Businesses face a wider range of threats than ever before, along with more damaging legal penalties for failure to manage risk. Our professional investigation resources don’t just check facts, although that’s a large part of the process.

Business risk – the new landscape for corporate investigation

We’ve recently helped commercial clients with issues such as:

  • Checking employment history – including concealed criminal records, falsified references and significant gaps in employment
  • Due diligence – into potential business partners, suppliers and new clients, including the degree of risk in working with new people who may have undisclosed affiliations, regulatory failures, financial troubles (including failed companies) or be under government/regulator scrutiny.
  • Financial misrepresentation – including former bankruptcies, foreclosures and tax debt, vital information in new partnerships and mergers, but also important when committing substantial resources to orders from new clients.
  • Litigation background – including historical litigation against individuals and companies
  • Covert surveillance – ensuring that employees and partners are meeting contractual and legal requirements, including seeking out corruption, bribery and insider trading along with the more commonplace business risks like pilferage.
  • Counter-surveillance – espionage, fraud and theft are increasing problems for industries where counterfeiting and intellectual property rights are at risk along with the loss of products and raw materials. Counter surveillance has become an occasional necessity for many companies, especially in areas where international fraud and the grey market are destroying profits. Technical surveillance counter-measures are highly specialised activities and we have a dedicated resource that our clients can call upon.

Protecting your business with private investigation services

Few businesses have the time or scope to protect themselves from commercial risks such as:

  • potential lawsuits
  • due diligence
  • auditing to meet new regulatory requirements
  • the risks inherent in working with new partners, suppliers and customers who may have undisclosed corporate debt or fraud.

Nor do they have the skills to interpret dubious behaviour or uncover concealed evidence.

Our track record in corporate investigation is second to none and we use sophisticated evidence gathering and highly qualified personnel to ensure that your company is protected from harm.

Recovering business losses

Where our clients have been unlucky enough to suffer harm, we offer asset location and debtor tracing to offset their losses and support them in recovering as many assets as possible. We’re also experience in process serving. In fact, we’re on hand to walk clients through any corporate threat.

To protect your organisation from risk, or help it recover from external challenges or internal weaknesses, contact our Corporate Investigations team today and begin the process of risk proofing and risk reduction that will give your business every chance of success.

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