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Matrimonial Investigations

Matrimonial Investigations

No area of private detective practice is more demanding or sensitive than that of matrimonial investigations. Whilst other areas of private investigation can be seen as necessary, or even desirable, nobody has ever wanted to hire an investigator to look into their loved one’s behaviour.

But the facts can be helpful – and one fact that our clients understand is that we recognise and respect their need for information but that we also know that information-gathering must be sensitive and discreet.

Relationships and private investigations

Many of our clients have a ‘hunch’, an idea or suspicion that they can’t ignore, no matter how much their partner denies it. Over forty years experience in matrimonial investigation leads us to suggest that those hunches or feelings are often warranted. Careful surveillance and selection of sophisticated techniques such as GPS tracking may reveal that a partner’s change of behaviour is related to an affair, difficult as this is, knowing the truth is better than suspicious ignorance. Alternatively, new habits or altered activities may be related to gambling or other addictive traits that can destroy lives and relationships if left unchecked.

If you’re realising that you can no longer trust the person you love, it’s vital that you can trust the people who are helping you get to the bottom of the problem. Our private investigators are experienced and well-resourced and we ensure that you are fully informed in a timely fashion by giving you a personal adviser dedicated to your case.

When you’re experiencing doubt and emotional pain, you need to know that your feelings will be respected and you’ll be supported in dealing with whatever is discovered. That’s why we at work with an experienced counsellor to give you a comprehensive solution to your problems, along with the dignity and peace of mind that you deserve.

Pre-nuptials and matrimonial due diligence

An increasing area of investigative concern relates to prenuptial fact-finding. It’s difficult enough to establish a sustainable relationship, as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website confirms. For those marrying or remarrying later in life, or committing to a shared life with somebody from overseas, it can be even more worrying – cultural differences and previous histories can lead to miscommunications and misunderstandings that damage relationships.

Being certain about the background of the person you love can set your mind at rest. Recent high profile cases, especially in South Africa, reveal that knowing about your partner’s past could be a literal life-saver.

Matrimonial Investigations and Court

Evidence gathering is vital if you have to go to court. Once a relationship breaks down, people can behave very badly, and our three regional offices in London, Manchester and Birmingham are fully equipped to help you win your rights and ensure a secure future.

Next steps in Matrimonial Investigation

Admitting your doubts about your partner is the first step.
Hiring effective, confidential and professional support to establish the truth is the second.
You can trust us to help you find the best way out of your relationship difficulties.

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