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Private Detective Manchester Services

Private Detective Manchester Team

Our private detective Manchester office is one of the premier Detective Agencies in the UK. It’s much more than simply a satellite to our main London Detective office, it’s also a dedicated centre for two specific forms of private investigator based activity: Criminal Defence Investigations and GPS tracking.

Like our London centre, the private detective Manchester office has over forty years of experience and can call upon well-established private detectives with a range of backgrounds from Home Office, to police to military training, as well as specialist training in due diligence to matrimonial investigations, to ensure that your case is handled with speed and sensitivity.

Private Detective services offered by our Manchester office

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Criminal Defence Investigations
  • Counter surveillance
  • Due Diligence
  • GPS Tracking
  • Matrimonial Investigations
  • Person Tracking
  • Private Investigation
  • Process Serving
  • Surveillance
Private Detective Manchester
Our Private Detective Manchester office is one of the premier Detective Agencies in the UK

Successful Private Investigator work in Manchester

Each client’s needs are different and we commit to ensuring those needs are met. Led by a specialist adviser, each case is handled confidentiality, with a hand-picked team assigned to speed the investigation to a successful conclusion. From multinational companies to private individuals, we service the full range of private investigator needs, with a focus on discretion and sensitivity.

Our Private Detective Manchester office has some very specific skills and abilities, honed by decades of investigative practice. Why? Because Manchester is home to a number of businesses and activities that give private detectives great scope to develop their techniques. For example, Manchester has been home to some of the most famous bands in the world, from Oasis to The Hollies. Where there’s music, there’s drugs and where there’s drugs there will be criminality. As a result, our private detective Manchester team are second to none in missing persons cases, and also have profound experience in deception cases, from people who cheat on their partners to employees embezzling from their employers (business fraud).

Another thing that Manchester is famous for is its role in the Industrial Revolution, during which it became a natural centre for industrial espionage and, unfortunately, for confidence tricksters. Some things don’t change, and our Manchester Private Detectives have unparalleled experience in  tracking down and obtaining evidence on scammers, debtors and all those who deliberately prey on others.

Contact us for a swift response to your Private Detective needs

Call our private detective Manchester office on 0161 – 667 3357 so we can assess your private investigation needs. We’ll make a detailed case assessment and assign a specialist adviser who will help you determine the best route to a solution. Your adviser will also supply a quotation and liaise with you on every development in your case. A bespoke team will work on your investigation, focusing on a swift, effective resolution to the case.

From our UK offices, whether you are looking for a private detectives in Manchester, private detectives in Birmingham or private detectives in London – our founder, Peter Taylor, has more than forty years experience as a seasoned investigator. He is ideally placed to help find the right solution for you, wherever you are in the UK.

How to Find Private Detectives Manchester

Opening Hours: 09am to 8pm

Private Detective

Private Detective was established in 1970 and offers more than 40 years experience in private investigations and detective services in the UK.

Park House
Park Road
M34 5GL
United Kingdom

TEL: 0161-667-3357

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