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Private Investigators help families gain new information

Two stories this week that highlight just how important it can be to have your own private detective investigating a situation that appears less than straightforward.

For example, the death of Ivana Smit in Malaysia has been considered an accident, but when her family engaged a British private detective he was able to unearth new surveillance camera footage that revealed the eighteen-year-old model being carried out of a nightclub by an American man. The footage is significant because while the police know that Ivana has been in the company of an American couple before her death, there was no evidence to collect them to Ivanka’s death. The model was found, naked, after falling from the 20th floor of a tower block and landing on a 6th floor balcony. The new evidence came to light after police stopped investigating and suggests that Ivana might not have died as a result of her fall, a suggestion backed up by a Dutch pathologist whose private autopsy revealed that some of her injuries were not consistent with a fall.

Private Investigator pursues justice for child victims

An alleged child sex abuser, Malka Leifer, has resisted extradition to Australia to face accusations as a result of ill health. But an Israeli private detective has compiled hundreds of hours of video of Ms Leifer travelling long distances by bus, shopping and visiting family, all things that she claimed her illness prevented her from doing. Ms Leifer was a former Principal in a Melbourne Jewish Girls School and has been accused of 74 charges of sexual assault and rape during her time at the school, however she’s claimed that she was unfit to be extradited. The new evidence has led to a further police investigation inside Israel and Leifer has been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice.

The point about both these cases is they were beyond the scope of police services. In such complicated circumstances, where extradition, foreign nationals and contested stories all collide, it can be almost impossible for a local police force to resolve matters. A private detective has only one focus – to obtain information that clarifies the situation for his or her clients. As a result, untrammelled by political or other concerns, he can proceed to search out the facts and then present them to local authorities and – as in both these cases – to cause those authorities to reconsider their first decision and look again at a case that would otherwise make no progress.

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