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Tracing People

Tracing people with 40 year of success
Tracing People – assisting individuals and businesses to locate missing persons

Tracing People – assisting individuals and businesses to locate missing persons

There are many reasons that you might need to locate somebody who has gone missing:

  • Losing contact with relatives
  • Establishing the whereabouts of missing persons
  • Finding lost friends
  • Tracing debtors
  • Relocating former customers
  • Identifying relatives overseas.

While some of these are personal searches, businesses often need to trace people too. A private detective agency can assist in both individual and corporate people tracing. From our private detective, London office, we focus on tracing people as swiftly and effectively as possible.


It’s not just a question of speed; the security of our clients is paramount and so we ensure our all our enquiries are conducted with strict attention to the requirements of the Data Protection Act and we adhere to the Information Commissioner’s Office guidelines. Forty years of tracing people has given us expertise that ensures we can both trace people and maintain confidentiality.


Tracing relatives – a personal perspective


We know how important it is to find your missing relatives and friends. So crucial is this service that we have a dedicated process that helps individuals locate their lost friends and family members. We undertake the tracking down of missing persons, and over four decades of success in this field has given us unparalleled expertise. We have an established success rate in this field and it plays a large part in our day to day business. The International Committee of the Red Cross has done ground-breaking work on the effects of having missing relatives on trauma victims – we believe that similar stress can be experienced by those not living in war-zones and we dedicate ourselves to reducing it wherever possible.


For more information about our excellent track record explore ‘about us’ to discover our proud heritage in private investigator territory.


Tracing people – a business perspective


For corporate and business purposes, tracing people can ensure debts are paid, lost customers relocated and – hopefully – re-engaged with your organisation, missing personnel identified and final administration undertaken so that full legal compliance is achieved and you’re free of the worry of red tape. Finally, we know that businesses sometimes lose touch with suppliers and need a swift and simple way to find them – we’ve linked companies back up with specialist suppliers so that they can fulfil client orders and maintain their profit levels.


We have a specialist focus on debtor tracing, with an international arm that ensures that skipping the country doesn’t mean escaping debt – for many businesses, the ability to recoup debts can make the difference to sustainable corporate activity and we’re a key contribution to profitability for many of our business clients. In fact, corporate investigations are a vital part of running a successful business, and we’re here to help you thrive in a competitive and sometimes challenging, environment.

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