Private Detective Costs

At Private Detective, when a person contacts us inquiring about our services, usually the second or third question they ask is, “So how much will a Private Detective cost me?”

Our response is always the same: “Tell us about your situation.”

A professional investigation service is not something that is mass-produced and comes off-the-rack with a price tag attached to it. Any effective Private Detective service will be tailored to fit the needs of our clients – each of these are unique situations and may vary substantially depending on circumstances . This is why each case needs to be individually assessed and costed accordingly.

Cost of Private Detective

Private Detective cost – the range of charges

In situations where the problem is straightforward and the need for multiple private investigators, surveillance technology or other activities does not exist, private detective cost could be as low as £200 for a successful conclusion to the case. For others, with more complex issues, costs could rise to £1000. If we are involved in an extremely complex situation, for example requiring, covert surveillance, multiple personnel, evidence gathering for a lawsuit and and maybe even international investigators our private detective costs could exceed £1,000.

The main thing to bear in mind is that no reputable private detective will exceed the agreed payment without clearing such costs with their clients.

The most common method of payment used by private detectives is the hourly fee. Like all reputable private detective agencies, we charge our clients for the number of hours we spend investigating their case and these rates can fluctuate between regions. A private detective in London must charge more than an investigator in Birmingham, simply because living costs and general expenses vary from place to place.

Finding solutions – a breakdown private of detective costs

All this makes clear that the real question question potential clients should be asking themselves is, “How much time should we commit to finding the facts?”

Of course the facts alone are not much help – a private detective cost should be based on finding a good solution to a difficult situation, not just finding the facts about the problem! This is why, when we accept a new case, we begin to work with our clients to develop an investigative strategy that completely fits their situation, based on the information they have made available to us. These factors allow us to establish the budget necessary to cover the time (and equipment) required to work on that strategy.

At Private Detective we work hard to ensure our services are accessible to everyone, not just large firms and wealthy individuals. Families, community organisations and small businesses all deserve access to good information too, so we work diligently to find solutions to their problems that fit their budgets.

In our opinion, it’s better to measure an investigation on its outcome, not its cost. If, for example, you need effective surveillance because of employee theft, divorce/child-custody proceedings, or because you’re fighting a fraudulent lawsuit or insurance claim, ask yourself what’s the cost of not doing anything?

If you’d like to talk to a private detective in confidence, we believe we are the most trusted agency in the UK. So, for a clearly laid out estimate of our services, contact us now for a friendly informal chat. Alternatively, use our contact form to being the process that leads to peace of mind.


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