TV Detective Hired in Giraffe Case

A private detective has been enlisted to look into the death of two giraffes at a Polish zoo.

The female giraffes died from stress-related illnesses following  a break in at Lodz Zoo, in which vandals hurled benches and bins into their enclosure, according to the BBC.

One giraffe died of a heart attack just hours after the incident whilst the other succumbed to stress a few days later.

The giraffes’ male companion survived and is said to be doing well, although zoo keepers are now seeking a companion for the rare Rothschild sub-species.

Krzysztof Rutkowsi has now been hired by animal rights activists to look into the case.  The mayor of Lodz has also offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprits.

Rutkowki is most famous as the star of Polish TV series Detective, featuring selected real-life cases worked on by the Rutkowski private detective agency.  

The detective’s Wikipedia page highlights a personal history that is almost as colourful as the giraffe case itself.

Good luck!